Guarantees of origin

Guarantees of Origin are an instrument that certifies that a quantity of electricity has been produced from renewable sources or by high-efficiency cogeneration in any point of the country.

The objective of these guarantees is to inform the consumer so that the origin of the energy and its associated impact on the environment is known. This helps the consumer to make better decisions on purchasing energy.

The CNMC offers renewable energy producers who request it certification of the kilowatt-hours generated from these sources. These certificates are called “Guarantees of Origin (GdOs)” and can be transferred to marketers that can justify the ‘green’ nature of the electricity they sell.

The system of GdOs and Labeling of Electricity was implemented by the CNE in December 2007 with the aim of informing the consumer in detail on the origin of the energy received, and its associated impact on the environment.

The accreditation of Guarantee of Origin started with Directive 2001/77/CE, which referred to the promotion of electric power from renewable energy sources and the need to guarantee the origin of the electricity.

As for the national level, Directive 2001/77/CE was transcribed into Order ITC/1522/2007 to introduce the accreditation system in Spain.


Origin of Electricity 2015

Guarantees of origin

All the electricity sold by ACCIONA Green Energy Developments has a guarantee of renewable origin certified by the CNMC, which ensures our consumers that the power we supply is 100% free of harmful emissions.

While we sold 207 GWh in 2010, our first year of activity, 14 we aim to sell more than 4,000 GWh in 2014.

More information on guarantees of origin is available on the  CNMC website.



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