Energy consultancy

We help to structure their development through service companies in the energy sector, providing a technical, contractual and financial consultancy service in line with their requirements and needs.

Energy efficiency is an essential aspect of the European strategy for sustainable growth with a horizon in 2020, and is one of the most beneficial ways of strengthening the security of energy supplies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In October 2012, the Official Gazette of the European Union published Directive 2012/27/UE, which pursues the general objective of energy efficiency, i.e. reaching 2020 with a 20% saving in the consumption of primary energy in the EU and achieving further improvements in energy efficiency after that year. To do this, the Directive puts forward a series of objectives, regulatory instruments and a monitoring and supervision framework for the measures adopted by the member states.

Specifically, article 7 refers to a system of binding savings targets for the states. Based on the average historical consumption of energy at the end of 2010-2012, all retail distributors or companies have to fulfil the objective of an annual saving of 1.5% of sales (in terms of volume). This is incremental for the 2014-2020 period, with the possibility of flexibility mechanisms.

It is an accumulated objective that requires further savings every year. In the case of Spain, the figure is 15,979 ktep, i.e. equivalent to an additional annual saving of 659 ktep/year from July 2014.

Spanish Royal Decree 8/2014, which approved urgent measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency, set up a national system of compulsory energy efficiency. It also covered other questions such as the creation of the so-called ‘National Energy Efficiency Fund’, financing and technical support and energy management audits and systems.

ACCIONA offers its customers measures that can be implemented in their facilities to reduce costs through more efficient consumption.


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    Renewable electricity with a guarantee of origin

    Guarantees of Origin are an instrument that certifies that a quantity of electricity has been produced from renewable sources or by high-efficiency cogeneration in any point of the country.

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