Contract Types

If clean energy is your choice, ACCIONA Green Energy Developments is your best supplier.

ACCIONA Green Energy Developments supplies electricity of 100% renewable origin in Spain and Portugal to a customer portfolio. By choosing clean energy, you are contributing to more sustainable development, which means we can cover present needs without jeopardizing future generations.

We supply our customers with flexible, customized products that are adapted to their particular needs. We find the product you need based on the sector, geographical area, consumption profile and risk tolerance of the activity.

Products adapted to the type of customer:

  • Fixed price per period.
  • Overall fixed price.
  • Indexed price with hedging options.
  • Bilateral contracts.
  • Mixed products.
  • Hedging options in a baseload profile.

Thanks to our experience as marketers we can provide the best advice and/or manage other kinds of products, always based on the customer’s needs.


In the following link you can find the conditions of compulsory fulfillment for the contracting of the services of electrical power supply:


Compulsory Clauses Acciona




    Retailing Services

    ACCIONA provides its customers with a series of services related to the marketing of clean energy, designed to achieve maximum efficiency and optimize your energy invoice.

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