Wholesale markets

ACCIONA Green Energy Developments is the Spanish representative – although not the dominant operator – with the highest volume of energy negotiated on the market. It offers its customers security and stability.

Thanks to its experience as a Representative, ACCIONA Green Energy provides ongoing consultancy and a close relationship with its customers, guaranteeing savings in management costs through the provision of the following services under the strictest confidentiality.

Within the established legislative framework and according to the terms of Royal Decree 413/2014, which regulates the production of electric power from renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste materials, the owners of facilities can operate in the market and pay applicable tolls and fees through a representative.

The choice of ACCIONA Green Energy Developments as your representative in the wholesale market means the following advantages, among others:

  • High compensation of deviations.
  • Savings in human resources (working through OMIE, REE and CNMC, settlements…) and technical resources.
  • Consultancy and experience in the wholesale market in administrative arrangements. ACCIONA Green puts its know-how at the disposal of the CUSTOMER through an Energy Sales team with several years’ experience, and through its own computer programs that provide top-level management control.
  • Security and stability, from belonging to a financially sound national business group that intends to stay in the sector.
  • Given that ACCIONA Green Energy Developments’ portfolio is mainly its own (the ACCIONA Group) there is no risk of reduction of the portfolio through losing contracts with third parties, as has happened to other agents that do not have their own production.



    Energy management services

    ACCIONA Green Energy Developments puts its experience, capability and knowledge of the sale of energy in the Spanish market at the disposal of other renewable energy producers. 

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