Energy management services

ACCIONA Green Energy Developments puts its experience, capability and knowledge of the sale of energy in the Spanish market at the disposal of other renewable energy producers. For this area, the company has a specialist team that has managed the sale of the group’s energy satisfactorily since 2002.

Thanks to its experience as a Representative, ACCIONA Green Energy offers ongoing consultancy and a close relationship with its customers, guaranteeing savings in management costs through the provision of the following services under the strictest confidentiality.

Follow-up and support in the management of administrative and legal procedures for Market Access (OMIE, REE, MITyC, CNMC, Agencia Tributaria [taxation] and the regional Administration).

Sending the necessary information for settlements to the CNMC (National Markets and Competition Commission) and communication with it for the New System of Settlements, carrying out the control of provisional and final settlements of the complements contained in the specific remuneration regime through our platform.

  • Verification of the concepts settled by ACCIONA Green and direct OMIE/MEFF transactions.
  • Negotiation and operation in the wholesale market (OMIE/REE, OMIP) 365 days a year, with a specialist team adjusting production forecasts in Intraday markets.
  • Participation in the Portfolio Effect of more than 6,300 MW of capacity from more than 300 dispersed facilities that use seven different technologies. This helps to offset deviations and considerably reduce their cost.
  • Exclusive contracts for the management of the energy of each facility, optimizing its profitability. We offer advice on the most profitable sale options and the complements you can opt for.
  • Optimization of the operating regimes of the facilities and maintenance, programmed depending on the evolution of energy prices and their historical trends.
  • Monthly reports on energy markets and the personalized sale of energy for each producer. Studies on the most favorable sale options based on the evolution of the market, optimizing the revenue flow.
  • Accreditation and processing of the Guarantee of Origin of electricity from renewable sources and high-efficiency cogeneration, through the CNMC.
  • The possibility of contracting a production forecasting service, specially designed for wind farms, that is highly reliable and improving all the time.
  • The possibility of contracting price hedging when accessing forward markets (OTC, OMIP markets, bilateral contracts, etc.) to reduce the risk of market fluctuations.



    Renewable energy control center

    We offer other renewables producers the possibility of combining the sale of power in the market with the inclusion of their facilities in ACCIONA’s Renewable Energy Control Center.

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